Past 1960

Details are available for the following productions.

Jan 1960Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe (The) – Trudy West
Apr 1960Breath Of Spring – Peter Coke
Jul 1960Ruddigore – W S Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan
Nov 1960Wind Of Heaven (The) – Emlyn Williams
Jan 1961Ride A Cock Horse – David Mercer
Mar 1961Dear Charles – Alan Melville
Jun 1961Pirates Of Penzance – W S Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan
Oct 1961Ring Round The Moon – Jean Anouilh
Jan 1962Cinderella – Martin Blinkhorn
Mar 1962An Inspector Calls – J B Priestley
Nov 1962Will Any Gentleman? – Vernon Sylvaine
Jan 1963Jack and the Beanstalk – Ronald Parr
Apr 1963Bell, Book and Candle – John Van Druten
Nov 1963Hostage (The) – Brendan Behan
Jan 1964Peter Pan – Sir James Barrie
Apr 1964Crucible (The) – Arthur Miller
Oct 1964Dinner With The Family – Jean Anouilh
Jan 1965Through The Looking Glass – Lewis Carroll
Apr 1965Penny for a Song (A) – John Whiting
Jul 1965Merry Wives of Windsor – William Shakespeare
Oct 1965George Dillon – John Osborne and Anthony Creighton
Jan 1966Aladdin – Martin Blinkhorn and Roy Albans
Apr 1966Hollow (The) – Agatha Christie
Nov 1966Rebecca – Daphne du Maurier
Jan 1967Toad Of Toad Hall – from Kenneth Grahame`s book `The Wind in the Willows`
Apr 1967Lady Windermere's Fan – Oscar Wilde
Nov 1967Hamlet of Stepney Green – Bernard Kops
Jan 1968Princess and the Swineherd (The) – Nicholas Stuart Gray
Mar 1968Present Laughter – Noël Coward
Nov 1968Look After Lulu – Noël Coward
Jan 1969Sinbad The Sailor – Pauline Stuart
Mar 1969Witness For The Prosecution – Agatha Christie
Nov 1969Hobson's Choice – Harold Brighouse
Jan 1970Fairy Queen Who Lost Her Crown (The) – Nick Baldwin
Apr 1970Cherry Orchard (The) – Anton Chekhov
Oct 1970Live Like Pigs – John Arden
Oct 1970On Approval – Frederick Lonsdale
Jan 1971Ride A Cock Horse – Martin Blinkhorn
Apr 1971Wait Until Dark – Frederick Knott
Oct 1971Taming Of The Shrew – William Shakespeare
Dec 1971Anniversary (The) – Bill Macilwraith
Jan 1972Owl and The Pussycat (The) – Sheila Ruskin and David Wood
Apr 1972Caught Napping – Geoffrey Lumsden
Oct 1972Physicists (The) – Friedrich Durrenmatt
Jan 1973Cinderella – Martin Blinkhorn
May 1973Not Now Darling – Ray Cooney and John Chapman
Nov 1973Forty Years On – Alan Bennett
Jan 1974Pinocchio – Brian Way
Apr 1974Thieves' Carnival – Lucienne Hill
Jun 1974Fallen Angels – Noël Coward
Nov 1974Semi-Detached – David Turner
Jan 1975Winnie the Pooh – A A Milne with additional material by Martin Blinkhorn
Mar 1975Lion In Winter (The) – James Goldman
Nov 1975Major Barbara – Bernard Shaw
Jan 1976Plotters of Cabbage Patch Corner (The) – David Wood
Apr 1976Government Inspector (The) – Nikolai Gogol. Translated and adapted by Alistair Beaton
Nov 1976Ghost Train (The) – Arnold Ridley
Jan 1977Hans, the Witch and the Gobbin – Alan Cullen
Mar 1977Entertaining Mr. Sloan – Joe Orton
Jul 1977Midsummer Night's Dream (A) – William Shakespeare
Nov 1977Lady Audley's Secret – Brian J Burton
Jan 1978Aladdin – Martin Blinkhorn & Roy Albans. Adapted Carole Whitehill & Richard Westcott.
Apr 1978Hotel Paradiso – Georges Feydeau and Maurice Desvallieres Translation by Peter Glenville
Jul 1978Merry Wives of Windsor – William Shakespeare
Nov 1978Mother Courage – Bertolt Brecht
Jan 1979Toad Of Toad Hall – adapted from the story by A A Milne
Apr 1979Black Comedy and Dock Brief – Peter Shaffer and John Mortimer
Jul 1979Twelfth Night – William Shakespeare
Nov 1979The Hollow Crown – Devised by John Barton

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