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Toad of Toad Hall

Banbury Cross Players presented Toad of Toad Hall at College Theatre, Banbury in January 1979.

Toad of Toad Hall Programme Front
Toad of Toad Hall Programme Page 3
Toad of Toad Hall Programme Page 2
Toad of Toad Hall Programme Back

CAST (in order of appearance)

Marigold – Victoria Reynolds
Nurse – Shirley Bennett
Mole – Nick Lester
Rat – Michael Sheldon
Badger – Tony Neale
Toad – Graham Wilton
Alfred (front legs) – Christopher Reid
‘ ‘ – (back legs) – Ann Grant
Chief Ferrett – Jeremy Turner
Chief Weasel – Jeremy Radburn
Chief Stoat – Kath Dayton
First Field Mouse – Jason Bennett
Second Field Mouse – Emma Mallace
Usher – Ron Buckler
Jailer – Jason Watkins
Policeman – Philip Macnair
Turkey – Liz Coombes
Duck – Christine Shafe
Judge – Bob Clement
Phoebe (the jailer’s daughter) – Stephanie Burnham
Washerwoman (her Aunt) – Jean Clement
Harold Rabbit – Mark Neale
Lucy Rabbit – Sarah Wilton
Mama Rabbit – Jane Bulmer
Barge-woman – Phyl Wherry
Ferretts – Mark Tapper, Paul Maloney, Leslie Robson, Sarah Buckle, Joanne Cornley, Veronica Butt, Duncan Mallace, Stuart Mallace.
Weasels – Sarah Wilton, Alistair Grant, Joanna Whitehill, Caroline Lee, Susan Hedges, Denise Turner, Yvonne Layzell.
Stoats – Matthew Sheldon, Johanne Green, Sharon Ellis, Fiona Chapelle, Nicola Whiteley, Phillipa Twigg, Donna Haggerty.
Rabbits – Stuart Mallace, Sharon Ellis, Joanna Whitehill, Rebecca Brown.
Squirrels – Rebecca Lester, Louise Ronson, Lucy Meagher, Kate Griffin.
Field Mice – Rachel Hicks, Kate Griffin, Katie Warner, Stephen Grant, Rebecca Brown, Rebecca Lester, Louise Ronson, Sarah Whitehill, Polly Sheldon, Michelle LaRondie, Lucy Meagher, Toby Bennett.

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