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The Taming of the Shrew

Banbury Cross Players presented The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare at College Theatre, Banbury in October 1971.

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CAST (In order of appearance)

Christopher Sly – Bob Clement
Hostess – Eileen Cross
A Lord   ) Antony Wood
A Tapster)
Huntsmen and Servants – Nick Lester, Roger Moon, Alan Thompson, Eileen Cross


Lucentio — a Young Gentleman of Pisa — Peter
Turner Tranio — a Servant of Lucentio — Ivan Horwill
Baptista — a Gentleman of Padua — Christopher Reid
Katharine — Elder Daughter of Baptista — Gay Reynolds
Bianca — Younger Daughter of Baptista — Margaret Moon
Gremio — Suitor to Bianca — Gerry Steer
Hortensio — Suitor to Bianca — Richard Westcott
Biondello — a Servant of Lucentio — Ron Bridger
Petruchio — a Gentleman of Verona — Alick Macnair
Grumio — a Servant of Petruchio — Nick Baldwin
Curtis — a Servant of Petruchio — David Gilbert
A Tailor — Tom Plant
Vincentio — Father to Lucentio — Ron Harper
A Pedant — Colin Hands
A Widow — Anne Parkin


Finding Christopher Sly, a tinker, in drunken sleep, a lord and his huntsmen tell him, as a hoax, that he is a nobleman. To amuse him and themselves they arrange a play.
Baptista, a gentleman of Padua. has two daughters. The younger one, Bianca, is much sought after; the other, Katharine, has no suitors. Baptista insists that Bianca may not marry before Kate does. Petruchio, an adventurer, undertakes to woo Kate: it will help his friend Hortensio, one of Bianca’s suitors, and besides, there is the dowry.
Petruchio marries Kate and takes her to his country house. Meanwhile, Lucentio, in disguise like most of Bianca’s suitors, outwits his rivals in Padua by posing as a schoolmaster. Hortensio consoles himself with a rich widow. In a wager on whose wife is the most submissive, the winner is Petruchio.

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