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Banbury Cross Players presented Pinocchio by Brian Way at College Theatre, Banbury in January 1974.

Pinocchio Programme Flyleaf
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Pinocchio Programme Back
Pinocchio Programme Front
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in order of appearance

Three Ticket Sellers and Manipulators – Margaret Baldwin – Katherine Fricke – Alison Malilieu
Gepetto, an old puppet maker – Bob Clement
Fire Eater, the puppet master – Gerry Steer
Candlewick, Fire Eater’s son – Nick Lester
Pantalone, Harlequin, Columbine – three puppets – Chris Reid, Cliff Gadsby, Dorothy King.
Clown – Phyl Wherry
The Fairy (who is also Cricket,Frog, Bird and a Tight Rope Walker) – Gay Reynolds
Antonio, the wood seller – Anthony Wood
Pinocchio, a puppet – Joanna Blinkhorn
A Policeman – David Ellis
Mr. Fox, Mr Cat – Two rogues – John Bennett, Ron Bridger.
Two Detectives – Ron Harper, Jason Watkins.
Two Bloodhounds – Delia Bauckham, Karen Saxelby.
A Judge – Chris Reid
A Coachman – Ron Bridger
The Circus – John Bennett
Master Donkey Trainer – Katherine Fricke
Two Clowns – Delia Bauckham, Karen Saxelby.
Ballet Dancer – June Ronson
Snake Charmer – Alison Malilieu
Maid – Margaret Baldwin

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