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Forty Years On

In November 1973 Banbury Cross Players presented Forty Years On by Alan Bennett at College Theatre, Banbury.

Forty Years On Programme Inside Left
Forty Years On Programme Inside Right
Forty Years On Programme Back


Headmaster – Martin Woodhead
Franklin, a Housemaster – Peter Freeman
Tempest, a Junior Master – Gerrard Sullivan
Matron – Heather Macnair
Miss Nisbitt, Bursar’s Secretary – Phyl Wherry
The Lectern Reader – David Deards
Skinner – Andy Tooth
Tupper – Chris King
Spooner (Treble) – Christopher Cadd
Leadbetter – Keith Brown
Cartwright – David Dant
Foster – Stephen Miles
Wimpenny – Giles Hamilton-Cleve
Wigglesworth – Neil Carter
Tredgeld – Philip Macnair
Charteris – Jonathan Padfield
Macilwaine – Alan Rankin
Director – Anthony Wood


Flute – Paul Barlow
Violin – Alan Jenkins
Guitar – David Clifton
Trumpet – Phillip Lord
Horn – Chris Reed
Musical Director – Ted Raby


Franklin plays Hugh
Matron plays Moggie
Miss Nisbitt plays Nursie
The Headmaster and Tempest play various parts.

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