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The Government Inspector

Banbury Cross Players presented The Government Inspector by Nikolai Gogol at College Theatre, Banbury in April 1976. This was BCPs 100th play.

Governmment Inspector Programme Front
Governmment Inspector Programme Page 3

CHARACTERS in order of appearance

The Mayor (Civil Mayor Second Class) – Bob Clement
The Judge (Civil Captain First Class) – Roy Dant
The Charity Commissioner (Civil Captain Third Class) – Christopher Reid
The Schools Superintendent (Civil Officer Second Class) – Richard Westcott
The District Physician (Civil Officer Seventh Class) – Cliff Gadsby
The Postmaster (Civil Officer Sixth Class) – Peter Whitehill
Petra Ivanovna Bobchinska (Landowner) – Margaret Neale
Petra Ivanovna Dobchinska (Landowner) – June Ronson
Fistov (Police Constable) – Jeremy Turner
The Police Inspector – Ron Harper
Anna Andreyevna (The Mayor’s Wife) – Phyl Wherry
Maria Antonovna (The Mayor’s Daughter) – Anne Rastall
Ivan Alexandrovich Khlyestakov (A Government Clerk from St. Petersburg) – Tony Neale
Ossip (His servant) – Malcolm Punchard
A Waiter – Mike Sheldon
Mishka (The Mayor’s Servant) – Mike Hawkins
Dustov (Police Constable) – Nick Lester
Pushov (Police Constable) – Peter Bryden
Abdullin (A Shopkeeper) – Richard Dewe
The Locksmith’s Wife – Debbie Jones
The Sergeant’s Widow – Liz Scamans
Rastakovsky (A Retired Official) – Jim Swingler
Korobkin (A Retired Official) – Geoff Jones
Korobkin’s Wife – Peggy Lester
Lulukov (A Retired Official) – Clive Carey
Schools Superintendent’s Wife – Veronica Dewe
Gendarme – John Bennett
Driver – Philip Macnair

Governmment Inspector Programme Page 2
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Governmment Inspector Programme Page 5
Government Inspector Press 1

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