Death Knell – James Cawood

Death KnellPerformed at The Mill Arts Centre 1-4 May 2019
Directed by Linda Shaw

The Cast is as follows

  • Henry Roth – Andrew Parsons
  • Evelyn Roth – Fiona Mikel
  • Jack Willoughby – Steve Ramsden
  • DCI Lazan – Sam Brassington

Successful Playwright Henry Roth takes delight in telling his neurotic wife, Evelyn, he has a new, ‘seismic’ play to unleash on the theatrical world. To prepare for its stage debut, he has invited the charming and charismatic (but unknown) actor, Jack Willoughby to their remote Highland home to prepare for the leading role of murderer. Jack’s arrival sends Evelyn into a flat spin when she realises he is her lover – a relationship developed during her time supposedly in rehab in London. Is Henry aware of the relationship?

With the arrival of Inspector Lazan from Scotland Yard – apparently on the hunt for the Highland serial killer, The Ghoul – the play takes another turn. Is he who he claims to be? In a breath-taking script, sending the audience reeling from one plot twist to another, the genre of “Thriller” is taken on an exciting new journey.

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James Cawood's thrilling play "Death Knell"

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