Spider’s Web by Agatha Christie

Banbury Cross Players will perform Spider’s Web by Agatha Christie at The Mill Arts Centre, Banbury from 18th to 21st May 2022.

Audition Dates

Read through – Tuesday 30th November 2021
Auditions 4th & 6th January 2021


Anyone can audition for any part. What can you expect during an audition? Well it all depends on the Director. Typical auditions involve reading through the play or perhaps some improvisation work. Don’t feel comfortable with this? Talk to the Director beforehand. You may glean some ‘winning’ tips!

Production Manager

Liz Riley
Anne Bennett

Clarissa, second wife of diplomat Henry Hailsham-Brown, is adept at spinning tales of adventure for the bored diplomatic circle. When a murder takes place in her drawing room she finds live drama harder to cope with (particularly as she suspects the murderer may be her step-daughter, Pippa). Worse still, the victim is the man who broke up Henry’s first marriage. Desperate to dispose of the body before her husband arrives with an important politician, she enlists the help of her guests. Clarissa’s fast talking places her in some hair-raising experiences as she comes to learn the facts are more terrifying than fiction!

A conscious parody of the detective thriller, Christie delivers a unique blend of suspense and humour. Tension and laughter come equally in this intricate plot of murder, police, drug addicts, invisible ink, hidden doorways & secret drawers.

Sir Roland Delahaye
Clarissa Hailsham-Brown
Inspector Lord

Hugo Birch
Pippa Hailsham-Brown
Oliver Costello
Constable Jones

Jeremy Warrender
Mildred Peake
Henry Hailsham-Brown