The Wolves of Willoughby Chase

The Wolves of Willoughby Chase from a children’s novel by Joan Aiken will be performed at The Mill Arts Centre from 23-26 November 2022. Book Tickets now via The Mill Box Office.

Following Auditions in July 2022, the cast will be as follows:

Bonnie – Immy Tredwell

Sylvia – Rose Gower

Chorus and Simon – Martin Crook

Chorus, James and Mr Wilderness – Chris Brant

Chorus, Sir Willoughby and Mr Gripe – Sebastian Burrows

Miss Slighcarp – Ian Nutt

Chorus, Mr Grimshaw and School Inspector – Nik Lester

Chorus, Dr Morne and Dr Field – Jem Turner

Chorus and Mrs Briskett – Hilary Beaton

Chorus and ticket collector – Helen Williams

Chorus and Emma the small girl – Debbie Watson

Director – Clare Lester

Production Manager – Adrian McGlynn