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James and the Giant Peach

In November 2011 Banbury Cross Players presented James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl and adapted by David Wood.

It was directed by Jane Young and the cast was as follows.

New York Tour Guide – Melissa Joines
James – Max Taylor/William Peckover
Mr Trotter – Robin Williams
Mrs Trotter – Marilyn Fairbairn
Rhinoceros – Oscar Kilvington
Aunt Sponge – Nik Lester
Aunt Spiker – Clare Lester
Old Green Grasshopper – Jem Turner
Miss Spider – Janice Lake
Centipede – Heward Simpson
Ladybird – Helen Williams
Earthworm – Dave Robinson
Old Man – Bob Clement
TV Reporter – Melissa Joines
Captain of the Queen Mary – Bob Clement
First Officer – Nik Lester
Second Officer – Clare Lester

Tourists, Visitors, Sharks, Seagulls, Fishes, Octopus,New York Citizens –
Christine Bonson, Libby Deakin, Ben Farmer-Webb,
Megan Hart, Amy Taylor, Brenda Williams

Joanne Mills School of Dance –
Abigail Ashton, Isabelle Ashton, Chloe Filippi,
Jade Golding, Amelia Haverson, Rebekah Mascall,
Bethany McHalel, Sophie Trinder

You can see the Programme here

James and the Giant Peach

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