Brassed Off adapted by Paul Allen from the Film

Brassed Off

Brassed Off adapted by Paul Allen from Mark Herman’s screenplay was performed by Banbury Cross Players in March 2011.

We were proud to be joined by the Hook Norton Brass Band for this production

The Cast was as follows:

Shane – Max Taylor
Phil – Jem Turner
Jim – Nik Lester
Harry – Heward Simpson
Andy – Rob Hall
Vera – Elizabeth Riley
Rita – Karen Stiff
Gloria – Tara Lacey-Rousou
Sandra – Helen Williams
Danny – Andy Allen
Craig – Zac Lacey-Rousou
Meloay – Amiya Lacey-Rousou
Bailiffs – Steve Hatt / Mike Jack
Nurses – Becs Calverley / Janice Lake
Militant Wives – Members of the Crew
Grimley Colliery Band – Members of Hook Norton Brass Band:
Bill Randall, Bob Sammons, Chris Aldcock, Dave Redhead, Dawn Jennings, Garry Keen, Graeme Groom, Jamie Bennett, Janette Harbron, John Eades, John Taylor, John Tolmie, Katie Gardner, Ken McDougall, Liz Dixon-Smith, Martin Quartermain, Mick Taylor, Nick Wilson, Nigel Greaves, Paul Brook-Nolan, Rachel Hemmings, Tina Vine, Trevor Shepherd

See the Programme for Brassed Off here

Brassed Off

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