Audience with Murder – Roger Leach & Colin Wakefield

Audience with Murder

Audience with Murder was performed by Banbury Cross Players at The Mill Arts Centre 21-24 November 2018. It was Directed by Terry Gallager

The play begins in the living room of Alan and Sue, where they are joined by Kelly and Dean to read a play that Sue has written. Alan, a teacher of theatre, as well as a chauvinistic boor, makes fun of the play and as he continues to drink, of his wife as well. The “reading” turns into an emotional free-for-all as he recognizes himself being parodied in the script and as his relationship with Kelly is revealed. From then on, reality keeps changing, and the audience is repeatedly surprised until the final twist.

The cast was as follows:

Alan – Philip Fine
Sue – Tara Lacey
Kelly – Kate Groves
Dean – Theo Cumming

#BCPAWMSome audience feedback from this week …"What a brilliant production this is. Excellent acting by all four members, had us guessing the end all the way through. Haven’t seen one as good for quite some time and we go regularly to five different theatres, although "The Cripple of Inishmaan" came close. Thanks again for an enjoyable evenings entertainment."Tickets still available for tonight's final performance from The Mill Arts Centre Box office on 01295 279002 great to see you! Photos courtesy/copyright Mike Watling

Posted by Banbury Cross Players on Saturday, 24 November 2018
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Thanks to Mike Watling for the following photos.

Audience with Murder