Warm, Hot, Getting Hotter

Warm Hot Getting HotterWarm, Hot, Getting Hotter by Lou Treleaven will be directed by John McCormick.

Paul and Kathy Brennon set off for a pleasant evening at a picturesque restaurant. They’ve never been there before but the Chinese was fully booked. He’s has a powerful and important job. He has a Porsche. Life is good. What could possibly go wrong?

The cast is as follows ..
Paul Andrew Parsons
Kathy Deborah Watson
Timothy John McCormick
Trish Diane Walker
Waiter Kerrie McCormick

Warm Hot Getting Hotter was performed at

  1. Oxfordshire Drama Network Festival.

    Abingdon festival

    Abingdon festival

    Abingdon festival

  2. Lighthorne Festival of One Act Plays 8 June 2018.