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Things I Know to be True

Was performed at The Mill Arts Centre 12 – 15 July 2023.

Originally produced in conjunction with Frantic Assembly, at it’s heart, Things I Know to be True is a poignant, well -written family drama with powerful characters, and a journey with an unexpected conclusion.

The story of a marriage and a family is told through the eyes of four grown siblings who are struggling to define themselves beyond their parents’ love and expectations. The parents think they have a strong family. The children are only doing what the parents want. All want to escape. The writing is beautiful, poetic.

Things I Know to be True is a collaborative piece. All characters are on on -stage throughout and the picture of the family is drawn through movement and mime. The production will include movement workshops with professional practitioners.

DIRECTOR: Chrissie Garrett
Production Manager: Jane Shanahan


Members of the Price Family are as follows:

BOB – Andrew Whiffin
FRAN – Janice Lake
MARK – Zac Lacey-Rousou
PIP – Almira Brion
BEN – Will Healey
ROSIE – Imogen Tredwell

Follow the Price Family on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/bcp.price.family/

Link to see the show programme

Review by Alex Wood
Review by Jo Genesius
Review by Lance Bassett

Photos from rehearsal via Flickr with thanks to Mike Watling

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