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Hay Fever 1945

Banbury Cross Players first production was Noel Coward’s Hay Fever. It was performed at Bloxham School on Friday and Saturday 20th & 21st April 1945 and the Producer was Reverend J. Sholto Douglas. Admission was free with a collection being taken during the interval in aid of the Horton General Hospital. The Cast was as follows:

Judith Bliss
(a retired Actress)
David Bliss
Sorel Bliss
Simon Bliss
Myra Arundel
Richard Greatham
Jacky Coryton
Sandy Tyrell
Olive Brown

Nevill Turner
Peggy Knight
Frederick Moir
Susan Penrose
Richard Croucher
Gwyneth Wilkes
Clayton Wentworth
Nan Bell

You can read more about the earliest days of Banbury Cross Players in the article Look Back With Little – All the World’s a Stage.

Two further performances were given on 6th and 7th September 1945 at The County School Hall, Chipping Norton. The proceeds from programme sales were donated to the Chipping Norton Welcome Home Fund. Two cast members had to be substituted for these performances: Judith Bliss was played by Eileen Douglas and Sandy Tyrell was played by Jack Doughty.


Newspaper Report

Hay Fever Report 1
Hay Fever Report 2
Hay Fever Report 3

Chipping Norton Performances

Press Report

Hay Fever Chippy Report 1
Hay Fever Chippy Report 2
Hay Fever Chippy Report 3

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