Getting Dark by Joe Graham

Getting Dark by Joe Graham

Getting Dark

Banbury Cross Players have chosen this play to be performed at festivals at Lighthorne and Abingdon in June 2020. Getting Dark will be directed by Terry Gallager.

For six-year old Karen, the world is gradually shrinking and getting dark. Colours that meant so much to her are slowly ebbing away. She needs
artificial light all day and all through the night.

Mum and Dad love her but have a new baby and are finding it increasingly
difficult to cope with their daughter’s condition. They take a
life-changing decision.

Seen through the eyes of adult Karen this play, based on a true story, is a
dark, distressing yet moving exploration of a young girl’s terrifying
descent into blindness.


  • Karen (plays adult and six year old self)
  • Mother
  • Troll Woman
  • Dad
  • Mr Marks
    Mum/Matron and Dad/School Principal may be doubled