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A Midsummer Nights Dream 2000

Banbury Cross Players presented A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare in July 2000. The show at The Mill ran from 19th to 22nd July.

Directed by Bob Mann, the Cast was as follows:-

THESEUS – Duke of AthensJason Wardle
EGEUS – Father of HermiaDerek Parkes
LYSANDER ) – in love …Andy Allen
DEMETRIUS ) – … with HermiaMartin Rowe
PHILOSTRATE – Master of the Revels – Linda Shaw
HIPPOLYTA – one betrothed to ThesiusAnne Bonner
HERMIA – in love with LysanderJulia Robinson
HELENA – in love with DemetriusKate Bell
QUINCE – a CarpenterTony Neale
BOTTOM – a WeaverTaff Jones
SNUG – a JoinerBob Clement
FLUTE – a Bellows MenderPaul Stoker
SNOUT – a Tinker Maldwyn “Taffy” Roberts
STARVELLING – a Tailor Yoni Kinory
OBERON – King of the FairiesDave Lovick
TITANIA – Queen of the FairiesRuth Griffiths
1st FAIRY – Jo Halford
2nd FAIRY – Wendy Hassel
PEASEBLOSSOM – Vicky Stimpson
MOTH – Hazel Byrd
COBWEB – Siobhan Kuhn
MUSTARDSEED – Mark Fairbairn
CHANGELING BOY – Tomos Griffiths
COURT LADIES – Jacky Byrd, Elizabeth Riley, Karen Stiff, Veronique Teillet
FAIRIES – Hayley Byrd, Michelle Mawle, Emma Mijolovic, Lisa Nicholls
SINGERS – Jo Halford, Wendy Hassel, Sue Hollingum, Kim Nicholls

A Midsummer Nights Dream (front)
A midsummer nights dream programme
A midsummer nights dream 3

A Midsummer Night’s Dream 2000

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