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See How They Run

In October 1986 Banbury Cross Players presented the farce See How They Run by Philip King at the College Theatre. Directed by Spencer Lester.

See How They Run

Memories of the show from Clare Lester

  • The set was huge as we performed on the College stage. It included a staircase, and there was plenty of exercise for the cast who in typical farce style had to chase each other around the set. The newel post at the bottom of the stairs was made by Clare’s dad and is still used by BCP to this day!
  • Vicars and a Bishop were the main characters with Philip King when he originally wrote it clearly sending up the pomposity of the church in general
  • Liz (Coombes as she was then) not originally cast, eventually had the role of Miss Skillon, which involved throwing herself nightly out of a cupboard into the arms of one Roger Riley – this resulted in them going out and her then becoming Mrs Riley
  • Clare had her hair permed for the role of Ida – and refused ever again to do anything quite so drastic for a part
  • Miles Hedges raced across the stage in his period underwear.
  • Timing was again of the essence for this production.

Spen had directed this play 35 years previously (1951) and photographs of the original cast were used for publicity. All these cast members were invited back to the last night and both casts appear in one photograph taken on last night.

Cast of See How They Run from both 1951 and 1986 productions

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