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Our Country’s Good – 1994

Our Country’s Good was performed at The Mill Arts Centre in March 1994. The play by Timberlake Wertenbaker is based on The Playmaker by Thomas Keneally.

Our Country's Good
Photo from Our Country’s Good 1994

The Cast was as follows:

  • ARTHUR PHILLIP, Captain RN, Governor-in-Chief of NS Wales,
    JOHN WISEHAMMER – Paul Sleet
  • ROBBIE ROSS, Major of Marines,
    KETCH FREEMAN – Peter Bloor
  • DAVID COLLINS, Captain of Marines, Advocate General,
    ROBERT SIDEWAY – Bob Clement
  • WATKIN TENCH, Captain of Marines,
    JOHN ARSCOTT – Jeremy Turner
  • JEMMY CAMPBELL, Captain of Marines,
    MEG LONG – Tony Neale
  • Reverend JOHNSON,
    MARY BRENHAM – Julie Robinson
  • GEORGE JOHNSTON, Lieutenant of Marines,
    DUCKLING SMITH – Janice Lake
  • WILL DAWES, Lieutenant of Marines,
    LIZ MORDEN – Jane Shanahan
  • RALPH CLARK, 2nd Lieutenant of Marines – Chris Lawrence
  • WILLIAM FADDY, 2nd Lieutenant of Marines,
    DABBY BRYANT – Mary Braybrook
  • HARRY BREWER, Boatswain RN, Provost Marshal – Roger Pinkham
    CONVICT – Rob Pinkham
  • SINGER – Louise Fransella
  • VOICE OVER – Alick Macnair
Programme for Our Country's Good 1994 production
Our Country’s Good Programme
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