Ghosts – Engstrand to a Real Estate Agent

An imagined letter from Engstrand to a real estate agent, November 10th, where he is enquiring about a harbour front property.  

Dear Sirs

I wanna ask about the place on the waterfront, Little Harbour Street.  It’s got one of your signs on it.  I cut the picture out from your ad – it’s the one circled.   Now I reckon I can afford the down payment they’re asking for and I’ve got some money put by so I can easily pay the rest in installments.

I would be planning to turn it into a hostel for sailors.  You know, three or four beds in a room.  That’d be all right, wouldn’t it?  I already have a contact in the parish who can sort out the licence for drink and entertainment.  Sailors need to be able to have a few drinks and some fun when they’re back in port.  What do you think?  Sound like a good idea to you?

Yours hopefully

Jacob Engstrand

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