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The Proposal by Anton Chekhov

The Proposal

Anton Chekhov’s THE PROPOSAL
One Act Festival Entry June 2024

DIRECTOR   Suchit Kulkarni
Production Manager  Adrian McGlynn

Lomov comes to propose to his neighbour’s daughter, Natalya. The only trouble is, they are both supremely argumentative…

This one act farce was first performed in 1890 but still feels very contemporary today. Through the play, Chekhov exposes the “fake” nature of the world and shows how superficial modern people are. Rather than emotionally bonding in relationships, people connect with wealth and money, and a little thing can break something very special.

Making his directorial debut, Suchit promises you’ll have fun. He brings a new style of directing which focusses heavily on script before movement.

There are no particular restrictions on ages but Stepan needs to be older than Natalya and Ivan, and Natalya and Ivan should be of a similar age.

Stepan Stepanovitch Chubukov (father) (40-60)
Natalya Stepanovna Chubukov (daughter) (18-40)
Ivan Vassilevitch Lomov (Chubukov neighbour and suitor to Natalya) (18-40)

Read through – 22 February 2024
Auditions – 14 March 2024