Press Releases from Banbury Cross Players

Press Releases are published by Banbury Cross Players to newspapers, magazines and radio stations throughout each season. These are also available to anyone interested via our Newsletter. The information is usually also copied to our page on Facebook and Twitter. The following are the most recent issues.

14 November 2021 It’s Now or Never! TWWCHH Press Release No.2.
2 November 2021 Have Your Cake and Eat It! TWWCHH Press Release No.1.
19 August 2020Update from BCP August 2020
30 March 2020 –   75th Anniversary Season Update
30 January 2020 –  Let Nell Capture Your Heart Too ! – Nell Gwynn
19 January 2020Could you be our Elvis (or Hilary or Kenneth or Laura)? – Auditions for The Woman who Cooked her Husband.
7 January 2020They Can Dance and They Can Sing – Nell Gwynn
10 November 2019Behind the Rehearsal Room DoorThe Thrill of Love
28 October 2019The Passion behind the playThe Thrill of Love
20 October 2019AUDITIONS for Nell Gwynn
6 September 2019AUDITIONS for The Thrill of Love
28 August 2019Your Invitation to our FREE 75th Anniversary Season Preview
20 June 2019The original Scandi-noir DramaGhosts
22 April 2019Classic thriller, re-inventedDeath Knell
6 April 2019Action-packed, modern ThrillerDeath Knell
3 March 2019Auditions! Auditions!Ghosts and Contractions
3 February 2019Cake, Condoms and CamaradarieGamePlan
19 January 2019Alan Ayckbourn’s GamePlan

Older Press Releases can be found in our Press & Media Archive.

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