Dracula by Bram Stoker

Dracula in Banbury

adapted by Jane Thornton & John Godber

Directed by Linda Shaw
15th to 18th July 2015

The Cast was as follows:

Dracula – Ian Nutt
Renfield – John McCormick
Van Helsing – Marc Griffiths
Lucy – Kate Groves
Mina – Helena Boughton
Harker – Dave Robinson
Seward – Jem Turner
Holmwood – Lee Harris

Dracula Programme

Dracula Programme

Lance Bassett – Oxford Mail
Alex Wood – Sardines Magazine

These photos are with thanks to and copyright of Mike Watling.

In July 2015, Banbury Cross Players will be taking you on a strange journey along the coast of England as a sudden & mysterious storm whips up. A young woman sleepwalks along the edge of the sea cliff and in the teeth of the gale, a ship crashes through the harbour entrance abandoned except for an immense dog and fifty boxes of grave dust. Count Dracula has arrived.

Immortal only as long as he is able to drink the blood of the living he pursues his victims with brutally devastating effect. The race to end Dracula’s power is on .. if only there is still time.