Category: Long List 2018

Stepping Out – Richard Harris

(1 male, 9 female) Comedy This is a rollicking comedy about the attempts of some working class amateurs to overcome their inhibitions and left feet in a low-rent dance studio in North London. Mavis, a former professional chorus girl tries

Taking Steps – Alan Ayckbourn

To be performed at The Mill Arts Centre 13-16 February 2019 Directed by Liz Riley Roland, a hard drinking tycoon, is considering buying an old Victorian house, once a brothel. His solicitor and the vendor, a builder, arrive to complete

Murder By Appointment – Frank Williams

(4 men, 2 women) David Langton, a young man in his mid-twenties returns home, clearly in a state of great agitation. When he hears his parents Joan and Richard, returning from a dinner dance he lies and tells them he

Tomb With a View – Norman Robbins

(4 men, 6 women) Comedy A Tomb With A View is set in as sinister an old library as one is likely to come across presided over by a portrait of a grim faced, mad eyed old man. There, a

Anastasia – Marcelle Maurette

(8 men, 5 women) This crowd-pleasing classic was made into a film which featured an Oscar-winning performance by Ingrid Bergman who starred as “Anya”, the last surviving daughter of Czar Nicholas II of Russia. Discovered as an amnesiac in a

Comedy of Errors – William Shakespeare

Much Ado About Nothing – William Shakespeare

Proof – David Auburn

(2 men, 2 women) Following the death of her brilliant mathematician father, Catherine struggles to come to terms with his legacy. Inheriting some of both his brilliance and his instability, she is torn between her sister, Claire, who wants to

A Bunch of Amateurs – Ian Hislop

(3 men, 4 women) Keen to boost his flagging career, fading Hollywood action hero Jefferson Steele arrives in England to play King Lear in Stratford – only to find that this is not the birthplace of the Bard, but a

Quartermaine’s Terms – Simon Gray

(5 males, 2 females) Drama Superficially, it is a light comedy about a group of educated, often eccentric English characters in an academic backwater in the early sixties. But though the jokes are excellent, the piece cuts deep. There are