The Executive Committee

Banbury Cross Players is managed by an Executive Committee. Exec members are elected each year at the AGM. For 2018-2019, they are as follows.

Liz Riley Chairman
Robin Williams Vice Chairman
Anne Bennett Hon Secretary
John Hicks Hon Treasurer
Terry Gallager
June Ronson
Trish Thompson
Hilary Beaton
Helena Boughton
Andrew Whiffin
Ex-Officio members
Linda Shaw (Marketing)
Janice Lake (Social Committee)
Clare Lester (Play Selection)
Production Managers
Audience with Murder June Ronson
Taking Steps Anne Bennett
Death Knell John Hicks
Membership Gold Cards
Membership Secretary Roger Riley
Gold Card Secretary Jem Turner

Contact details are intentionally omitted here as members can find all the information they need in the Membership Book (Formerly known as The Blue Book). Members are automatically sent a Membership Book by email once their membership subscription has been received.
You can contact us via