2018-2019 Season

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Death Knell – James Cawood

Death KnellTo be performed at The Mill Arts Centre 1-4 May 2019
Directed by Linda Shaw

The Cast is as follows

  • Henry Roth – Andrew Parsons
  • Evelyn Roth – Fiona Mikel
  • Jack Willoughby – Steve Ramsden
  • DCI Lazan – Sam Brassington

Successful Playwright Henry Roth takes delight in telling his neurotic wife, Evelyn, he has a new, ‘seismic’ play to unleash on the theatrical world. To prepare for its stage debut, he has invited the charming and charismatic (but unknown) actor, Jack Willoughby to their remote Highland home to prepare for the leading role of murderer. Jack’s arrival sends Evelyn into a flat spin when she realises he is her lover – a relationship developed during her time supposedly in rehab in London. Is Henry aware of the relationship?

With the arrival of Inspector Lazan from Scotland Yard – apparently on the hunt for the Highland serial killer, The Ghoul – the play takes another turn. Is he who he claims to be? In a breath-taking script, sending the audience reeling from one plot twist to another, the genre of “Thriller” is taken on an exciting new journey.

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Ghosts – Henrik Ibsen adapted by Mike Poulton

To be performed at The Mill Arts Centre 10-13 July 2019
Directed by John McCormick

The Cast is as follows:

  • Jacob Engstrand – Anthony Collier
  • Mrs. Helen Alving – Hilary Beaton
  • Pastor Manders- Phillip Croxson
  • Osvald Alving – Ben Harwood
  • Regina Engstrand – Katy Roberts
Great drama is more often than not about relationships. Ghosts is a great drama, a classic. It’s about the relationship between Helen Alving and her son Oswald. It’s about the relationship between Regina and her father, Engstrand, and between Helen and Pastor Manders, who have been close acquaintances for a long time. It’s also about all of their relationships with Captain Alving who doesn’t even appear in the play but casts a long shadow over it.

All of these relationships have had actions within them long ago that have consequences. Violence, betrayal, deceit. They create ghosts and those ghosts from the past have a significant impact over all of the characters now.

Ghosts is a powerful, shocking drama, even more so given that fact that it was written in the 1880s. Ibsen is the Godfather of the great Norse dramatic storytelling line that continues today with the modern BBC4 Nordic drama phenomena. Henrik Ibsen’s Ghosts – the original Scandi-noir.

Contractions – Mike Bartlett

Contractions by Mike BartlettDirected by Chrissie Garrett

The Cast is as follows:

  • The Manager – Nikki Nunweiler
  • Emma – Almira Brion
This is a dystopian one act play and has a history of being a winner. A powerful, disturbing, chilling drama about work and play in which the audience are invited to a meeting. Come in. Sit down. How are you? Emma’s been seeing Darren. She thinks she’s in love. Her boss thinks she’s in breach of contract.

The play shows there is no place for individualism and privacy in a growing corporate world, and that compliance is the only accepted way forward.

This play will be our 2019 entry to the Lighthorne Drama Festival (June). Other Festival entries are yet to be confirmed. The play will also be performed at the BCP Season Preview in September 2019.

Audience with Murder – Roger Leach & Colin Wakefield

Audience with MurderWas performed at The Mill Arts Centre 21-24 November 2018
Directed by Terry Gallager

The play begins in the living room of Alan and Sue, where they are joined by Kelly and Dean to read a play that Sue has written. Alan, a teacher of theatre, as well as a chauvinistic boor, makes fun of the play and as he continues to drink, of his wife as well. The “reading” turns into an emotional free-for-all as he recognizes himself being parodied in the script and as his relationship with Kelly is revealed. From then on, reality keeps changing, and the audience is repeatedly surprised until the final twist.

The cast was as follows:

Philip Fine - Alan
Tara Lacey - Sue
Kate Groves - Kelly
Theo Cumming Dean

#BCPAWMSome audience feedback from this week …"What a brilliant production this is. Excellent acting by all four members, had us guessing the end all the way through. Haven’t seen one as good for quite some time and we go regularly to five different theatres, although "The Cripple of Inishmaan" came close. Thanks again for an enjoyable evenings entertainment."Tickets still available for tonight's final performance from The Mill Arts Centre Box office on 01295 279002https://www.themillartscentre.co.uk/shows/bcp-an-audience-with-murder/Be great to see you! Photos courtesy/copyright Mike Watling

Gepostet von Banbury Cross Players am Samstag, 24. November 2018

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GamePlan – Alan Ayckbourn

 Was performed at The Mill Arts Centre 13-16 February 2019
Directed by Liz Riley

The Cast list for GamePlan is as follows.

Sorrell - Clare Primrose
Kelly - Almira Brion
Dan - Dave Candy
Grace - Hilary Beaton
Lynette - Tara Lacey
Leo - Roger Riley
Troy - James Murray

Teenager Sorrel fights to keep herself and her abandoned mother, once a dot.com businesswoman, financially afloat by setting up as a part-time prostitute, advertising for clients on the Internet and persuading her tearful school chum to act as her maid.

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GamePlan Gallery on Flickr with thanks to Mike Watling

Who can audition for a part? Anyone can audition for any part.
What can you expect during an audition? Well, it all depends on the Director. Typical auditions involve reading through the play or perhaps some improvisation work.
Don’t feel comfortable with this? Talk to the Director quietly beforehand – you may glean some ‘winning’ tips!