Warm, Hot, Getting Hotter

Warm Hot Getting HotterWarm, Hot, Getting Hotter by Lou Treleaven will be performed in various drama festivals (yet to be decided) and other venues around June 2018. Directed by John McCormick

Warm, Hot, Getting Hotter by Lou Treleaven

Paul and Kathy set off for a pleasant evening in a pleasant restaurant. What could possibly go wrong?

3 April 2018, 7.30pm at The Mill

Age ranges aren’t crucial but as a guide:

Kathy (30+) trying to break up with her husband
Paul (30+) Kathy’s arrogant husband
Tim (40+) Paul’s bluff ex-boss
Trish (40+) Timothy’s kind but shallow wife
Waiter (M or F) (50+) unruffled