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People by Alan Bennett

People by Alan Bennett Dorothy’s inheritance is an old, run-down mansion she can’t afford to maintain. The play follows various attempts by her and her sister to resolve the issue. These include “gifting” to the National Trust; selling to a

Warm, Hot, Getting Hotter

Warm, Hot, Getting Hotter by Lou Treleaven will be performed in various drama festivals (yet to be decided) and other venues around June 2018. Directed by John McCormick There will be a Play-reading and auditions on Tuesday 3rd April 2018.

The Cripple of Innishmaan

The Cripple of Innishmaan

The Cripple of Innishmaan by Martin McDonagh In 1934, on a small island off the West coast of Ireland, the arrival of a Hollywood film crew (who we never see) on a neighbouring island gives local youngsters the chance to